‘Trump’s most vicious cultists aren’t achieved with America’

And the identical could be stated for the gas that has powered the Trump administration’s best misdeeds: its annihilation of the executive state, its rollback of protections for immigrants and the surroundings, and the systematic razing of social protections and ensures. President Donald Trump might have been the figurehead behind all of this destruction, however everyone knows he wasn’t the individual sitting on the Resolute Desk till the late hours, personally drawing up plans for deregulating industrial methane use or new asylum restrictions. No, this exercise was powered by folks like White Home adviser Stephen Miller, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, Lawyer Common Invoice Barr, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Now that the Trump administration is getting ejected from the White Home, these flunkies will most likely spend a while cooling within the gas swimming pools of consulting, huge legislation, and academia; maybe, in time, they are going to fade considerably from the general public eye and our recollections. However you could be assured that their capability for hurt is way from spent. As America prepares to inaugurate a brand new president, it may be simple now to dismiss these dangerous actors with a lusty “Good Riddance!” or marvel on the depths of their debasement and sycophancy to an inane and temperamental chief. However, it’s value remembering that to a few of Trump’s underlings, the president was all the time extra of a way to an finish. We will take satisfaction in the truth that they gained’t be getting 4 extra years to wreak havoc, but when we’re not cautious, they’ll be again, working for workplace themselves or glomming onto the campaigns of maybe extra competent despots.




“Wherever forests haven’t been mowed down, wherever the animal is recessed of their quiet safety, wherever the earth shouldn’t be bereft of four-footed life—that to the white man is an ‘unbroken wilderness.’ However for us there was no wilderness, nature was not harmful however hospitable, not forbidding however pleasant. Our religion sought the concord of man along with his environment; the opposite sought the dominance of environment. For us, the world was filled with magnificence; for the opposite, it was a spot to be endured till he went to a different world. However we have been sensible. We knew that man’s coronary heart, away from nature, turns into arduous.”
            ~~Chief Luther Standing Bear, Sicangu and Oglala Lakota 




At Every day Kos on this date in 2011—The failure of Austerity:

The present fad is to declare that austerity, within the type of slashed budgets, slashed jobs, a slashed tax based mostly and so forth will magically produce the reverse of all these issues, as rich benefactors rush in to spend all the brand new cash you might have given them, create jobs creating new merchandise no one can afford to purchase, and, I do not know, begin rebuilding infrastructure out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s by no means clear, and neither is it sincere: it’s predicated on the hazard of the Scary Deficit Monster, who was in no way scary through the time he was being fed by these identical politicians and think-tank prophets, however who, like every false god, simply occurs to hate all the identical issues that his worshippers do.

On this case, the Scary Deficit Monster hates serving to unemployed folks, hates laws (no matter whether or not or not they get monetary savings), hates authorities in each kind save the navy, and particularly hates it when well-off residents are requested to pay the identical charges they did a number of many years in the past, again through the darkish, almost apocalyptic 1980s or 1990s. That’s rattling nuanced coverage for a senseless, frothing Deficit Monster, however it’s constant: the Deficit Monster hates something Democrats may need and simply occurs to like all of the concepts of the Heritage Basis, and many others., and many others. And why not? Even a Deficit Monster ought to like its mom.

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