Turmeric Benefits – Skin & Health Benefits

Turmeric spice has been endowed with numerous medicinal and health benefits. Benefits of turmeric make it a healthy ingredient for everyday cooking. Even a little bit of turmeric extract in daily food is beneficial for the bones. Apart from strong bones and other health benefits, turmeric extract is also used as a skin beauty aid. Some of the well known and important health benefits of turmeric have been identifies ages back and have been passed onto generations in different cultures.

One such use of turmeric is as an antiseptic. Turmeric benefits the quick healing of wounds and any other body pain. It can be directly applied to the wound as well as consumed with milk.

A little bit of turmeric in everyday food keeps the bones healthy. Apart from this a daily intake of turmeric in a glass of milk is keeps away the any pain in the bones.

Turmeric benefits also extend to stomach upset and diarrhea. Take a spoon of turmeric in milk or a cup of turmeric tea, twice or thrice in a day for relief from diarrhea.

Studies and researches have revealed that turmeric has been found helpful in fighting cancer in various forms.

Coming to beauty and skin benefits, turmeric is known to reduce pigmentation considerably. Regular application of a turmeric paste in water or milk cream for 15-20 minutes helps lessen pigmentation in the skin. Mixing it in lemon, cucumber juice, yogurt or honey also improves the suppleness and softness of the skin. Indian brides and groom at treated through a ritual where they are applied a turmeric paste. It is traditionally known to enhance the skin color tone.

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