Turn Back the Clock – Polka Dots of Yester Years

Bring back the old fashioned ties today. Look trendy and stylish with yesteryear’s dot ties. Polka dot ties come in various brilliant colours to go with whatever shirt or suit you want to wear. The dots come in different sizes and colours. Though most men prefer dot ties for semi-formal and leisure events, some with small dots beautifully enmeshed with the background colour could serve for official purposes. It is not advisable to wear polka ties for serious functions or occasions. The bigger the dots, the more informal it looks. Choose the polka dots tie with not more than two colours – one for the dots and the other as the background colour for official wear. Always ensure that the predominant colour of the background tie with polka dots fits the shirt and suit you want to wear for that occasion. Mostly, a polka dots tie goes well with plain colour shirt or suit. However, you can use polka dot ties on small squared and tiny stripe shirts. The overall goal is to ensure that what you are wearing makes you look good.

The pattern of polka dots tie you wear could be influenced by the weather or season. There are dot colours that are best worn during the fall or winter that will not be suitable during spring or summer. Light and bright colours dots are more suited for spring and summer while dark colours are better during the fall and winter. It is best worn when the idea is to unite or blend a contrasting texture or colour with the prevailing colour of the shirt or suit. Also polka dot ties can be worn to carefully bring up a secondary colour like red. Please ensure when used with striped shirt, that the colours compliment very well.

Again, the patterns of ties worn by the older generations have a way of influencing the ones worn today. The patterns evolve in styles, colours and textures. In fact the popular personalities who wore polka dot ties like the formal British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill has made it still fashionable to the younger generations. The young generation during Churchill definitely was influence by way he consistently wore ties. Even when it does not seem to fit the suit Mr. Churchill wore, he wore them for all occasions. The same way today, as fashion evolves, it brings back fashion styles of yesteryear’s to influence the fashion of today.

Source by Sandra M Parks

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