Tutu Du Monde: Vintage Flower Girls Dresses and Tutu Dresses for Girls As Unique As Your Child

Tutu Du Monde is a world-famous designer brand of boutique tutu dresses for girls, princess dresses, girl tutu skirts as well as coordinating accessories. Think of a delicate fairy dress in soft pastels and dusty shades of pink, blue, ivory or purple. Think of French ballet clothing. Think of endless sparkles and ruffles of weightless tulle. The result is Tutu Du Monde – modern yet whimsical boutique girl dresses. If you are shopping for vintage flower girl dresses, girl birthday dresses or other special occasion dresses for girls, Tutu Du Monde is a perfect pick.

Tutu Du Monde is inspired by a daydream – a simpler time in a far away land, where girls can play and dance, dress-up and make-believe. Every tutu, dress and accessory is designed to be elegant and timeless, delicate and couture. On top of that, every Tutu Du Monde piece is made to last and is extremely comfortable to wear. Each piece is dreamed up and designed in Australia by Andrea Rembeck, then handmade in India. It is then sold internationally through boutiques in Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Middle East and Asia. With a huge following of loyal customers, Tutu Du Monde is one of the top boutique brands for vintage flower girl dresses and special occasion dresses for girls.

In 2005, Andrea Rembeck put her fashion career on hold to stay at home and raise her daughter. During that time she made a discovery that would change the course of her life. Andrea’s daughter, Alyna, is a girly girl who was growing up fast and hated even the idea of pants. She insisted, “I only want to wear dresses, Mom! Can you please find me a tutu?” Andrea looked all over for something special for her little princess, but came up empty-handed. She was not at all impressed with the same old mass-produced, hot pink, scratchy tutus available in stores. Not willing to settle for anything less, Andrea endeavored to create a beautiful, practical tutu dress for her daughter. Although she had never made boutique girls clothing before, Andrea used her fashion design experience to create exactly what her daughter wanted. And the end result was spectacular. Soon, Andrea’s friends and family were begging for similar tutu dresses. It was clear that she had stumbled across a great market opportunity. In June 2009, Andrea decided to go for it and started her own boutique girls clothing label, Tutu Du Monde.

Tutu Du Monde creates heirlooms and keepsakes – tutus to last a lifetime. The secret to their success is “Quality, not Quantity.” All of the clothing from Tutu Du Monde is designed to last for years and carefully handcrafted using only natural fabrics – silk, tulle and cotton. These girl tutu dresses are very comfortable and safe to wear all day. Ranging in sizes 1 to 11, most of these girl tutu dresses feature adjustable straps to get the most wear as your girl grows. Over time, Tutu Du Monde tutu dresses become even more beautiful – soft, worn and charming. That’s why when you pick these beautiful tutu dresses as your flower girl dresses, you know you have chosen something very special.

Tutu Du Monde employs a talented group of women in India who make these dream dresses come true. All fabrics are hand-dyed and every tiny detail like crystal beads, shiny sequins, silky ribbons and soft wispy feathers are masterfully applied by hand. These women pour their love and time into every embellishment, using talents passed down through the generations. It can take an entire day to complete one task. The result is a one-off item, as far from mass-production as you could get and as unique as your child.

Although Tutu Du Monde takes inspiration from vintage looks from the 20s and 30s, the finished product is anything but old-school. These beautiful girl tutu dresses are modern and vogue, with exciting color combinations and bold looks. Take a look at the Tutu Du Monde collection and see why the world is falling in love with these gorgeous boutique girl dresses, one tutu at a time.

Source by Tatiana Tugbaeva

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