U.S. approval of law enforcement officials plunges by 10% in single week: ballot : politics

contemplating all of the instances of police brutality that we have seen

You are residing inside your individual bubble, buddy; you are energetic on social media websites / subreddits that are not attempting to lie about what’s occurring to protesters.

Main media shops are doing work for the police, together with democratic-leaning orgs. They’re doing their greatest to both-sides the problem, and a tragic majority of them are nonetheless shopping for / promoting the narrative that the agitators aren’t the police.

As another person talked about, if the key information networks are doing this, you’ll be able to wager a variety of native associates are as-well. The violence being performed by cops on residents exercising their proper to peacefully protest isn’t being precisely reported. Nor are they prepared to confess the curfews are in-place nonetheless to curtail folks’s rights to peacefully protest & give the police a cross / excuse for his or her violence and violations of the structure / misuse of rubber bullets & utilization of banned tear gasoline.

CNN on their web site right now had in massive daring black headline textual content that there had solely been EIGHT confirmed instances of police brutality for the reason that protesting began. Fucking EIGHT. The gall of them to place that on their goddamned web site.

Lengthy-story-short: you’ve got gotta do not forget that a majority of People nonetheless flip to main information networks for his or her information, and a variety of small-town associates have been overrun / purchased out by OANN.

Nonetheless, it is loopy to me the media is doing such heavy work for the cops when the cops are gleefully attacking & arresting journalists on the scenes of the protests, too.

All that stated, 10% is truthfully surprisingly excessive to me given how willfully unhealthy the media’s reporting has been on the police brutality.

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