Ugg Boots are Today’s Latest Fashion Craze in Quality Footwear

Have you heard about the latest trend in footwear? It’s the Australian Ugg boots, and if your shoe cupboard hasn’t got a pair yet, then you’re missing out on some very trendy footwear! Ugg boots are available in so many different colours and styles that there will surely be a design to suit most tastes. This makes the Ugg much sought after footwear and it’s because it’s so versatile that it’s become very desirable in western societies.

The actual term ‘Ugg boot’ came from Australia and it was used to describe this style of sheepskin boot at the time. The origin of the word is not known 100%, but many believe it was taken from the abbreviation ‘ugly’, but that’s certainly not a thought shared by the Ugg Boot wearers of today.

Can you believe they were originally worn by the Auzzie surfers to keep their feet warm after surfing for many hours in the sea! There’s actually a fair bit of fascinating history behind these boots and if you’re interested you’ll find it all on the web.

Such is the phenomenon surrounding these boots, it looks like they are here to stay. In fact, even though these boots have been around for donkey’s years, the Ugg Boot has become the latest fashion item to hit the shoe stores in recent years, and it seems that every woman wants to own a pair and for good reason too. It doesn’t seem to matter what ‘look’ you are trying to achieve, the Ugg boot can fit in with your dress plans just fine.

Many of the celebrities seem to be wearing the Ugg boot these days which will certainly contribute to its popularity, but the truth is the world seems to have taken this hip footwear into their fashion wardrobe even before the stars began to adorn their feet with the many trendy styles available.

Another great benefit to the Ugg boot is the comfort level. Quality footwear not only lasts longer, it feels great too, and more importantly it and doesn’t damage your feet like so many of the other stylish shoes and boots around today

Some folks simply call them sheepskin boots, but whether you name them Ugg or sheepskin, they are incredibly warm and soft and have been a massive fashion hit with just about everyone over the last few years, and there seems to be no slowing up on demand either.

When you’re next in the market for new shoes just take a look at the latest styles of Ugg. You will find them a real refreshing change to stilettos and other types of footwear. Whether you want to show a bit of leg sandwiched between Ugg and skirt, worn with a conservative knee length skirt, or pulled over a pair of your favorite jeans (preferred in America), the Ugg boot will complement any outfit.

Source by Andy Maingam

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