Ugly Dirty Shoes: Fashion Police’s Top 5 Ways to Look Terrible

1. Socks and sandals. It doesn’t matter what color your sandals or socks are, it doesn’t look good.

2. Dirty and outdated shoes. Shoes that look like they were bought in the 1990′s and use to be white are a resounding ‘No’.

5. Belts that don’t match shoes.

4. Terrible color matching, The first principle that you should research is basic color matching. This is the one aspect that is essential to having a good style. If you really don’t have a clue about how to match colors and really have no interest in fashion whatsoever.

5. Don’t overspend. Just going for designer shoes is not going to cut it. You have to learn how to recognize a nice shoe by yourself, or else you will end up with horrible AND expensive footwear. Start learning about fashion, it’s actually quite interesting. On first glance, fashion seems shallow but in actuality it’s a fascinating topic with many layers.

Nothing is worse than having a dirty looking shoe. Why do people wear dirty shoes? It’s like walking around with a brown shirt that use to be white. People look at you and think you take no pride in yourself. Shoe maintenance is not an option if you want to be perceived well. To keep your shoes clean simply take an old toothbrush and scrub away the dirt meticulously. This is only needed once per week if you remember to do it. Shoe polish is also a great investment that covers up dirt and prevents dirt from sticking to the shoes because of the lustrous surface it leaves upon your shoes. Keeping your shoes clean is as easy as taking a used toothbrush and brushing away the dirt. If you clean your shoes the day you wear them cleaning time doesn’t take as long. Use scalding hot water to clean your shoes. A 5 gallon bucket with extremely hot water and a little detergent is the perfect base to wash them in. After scrubbing, let the soak for a while in the hot water. Take them out and let them air dry. If they’re totally white, try bleach with the hot water.

I would advise you learn how to properly take care of your shoes, so that you don’t end up wearing holes in your shoes. Make them last. If your shoes seem to break through on the inside side of your foot, try getting some insoles to correct your foot posture to prevent the odd abnormal wear and tear. In addition, try avoid walking on grass, dirt and other dirty terrain and stop dragging your feet. To avoid scuff marks, don’t use one shoe to help yourself take off the other shoe. If your shoes still look like hell after following this regiment then throw them away and get new ones.

There are also different coatings that can protect shoes and improve them in ways you may have not imagined before. If you end up getting white shoes then invest in white shoe polish. They even make a white shoe polish for canvas(it’s a bit hard to find though), and it will help keep your shoes looking nice and new. You can also paint your converse sneakers with a coat of rubber cement. That way they will look identical, yet function as watertight galoshes. Lastly, a new trend in canvas shoes includes painting custom images and art onto the white canvas with acrylic paints and markers. Some really neat examples of this technique can be found on

Source by Sawyer Kent

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