Underscoring Practicality in Men's Fashion

Many men believe they should look good every day for their lady, their family and their peers to be proud of them. Others do it for their own satisfaction, and as a commitment to always try to bring out the best in them. Either way, you are a man of your own who needs to raise your self-confidence to be ready for the opportunities that every day brings.

To a typical man, looking good means having an entire set of getup work together to flatter his body type and highlight his assets. Here are some practical ideas for a man to express his sense of fashion.

Tight over loose.

Fashion generally dictates that men do not look good in loose fits. It is almost like the guy is the "lazy look" and it is not even comfortable. A pair slacks is fine, as it is a must-have formal or business wear and it is a great investment along with a suit. For ordinary days and in the general sense, perfectly fitting jeans give you that smart look without all the discomfort.

Details, details, details.

You might thing your shoes don't matter as much as your upper clothing does. Truth is, a pair that terribly mismatches it all can mess up your overall look. Go for comfortable shoes with colors that complement your wardrobe. You can never go wrong with a black pair, which almost always balances with your entire getup.

Go for the "wear and care" clothing.

It may sound practical to purchase a shirt or pair of pants that look good on you with good color, style and fabric. The real challenge, however, lies in knowing if it is able to hold up after several washes. Quality matters, so to speak.

Do not let bargains get the best of you.

You may think a designer shirt for $ 80 is a ridiculously low offer that you simply can't say no to. Before taking out your wallet and swiping that card, ask yourself if you really love that item. "It's only $ 80" can also mean "It's not for me." Exercise prudence when taking your pick and buying discount items.

Make friends with a great tailor.

You never know when you will need the help of an expert to make adjustments to an otherwise perfectly fitting top. It pays to have someone you can count on to know exactly your measurements, and how you want the job done. When you befriend a specialist who knows clothing, such as your tailor, you can expect your life to be easier, at least as far as keeping everything a perfect fit for you.

Source by Shaan Berg

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