Univision Asleep: No Post-Soleimani ‘Al Punto’

The first Sunday of 2020 offered no shortage of things to be discussed on the nation’s Sunday public affairs shows. However, Univision took the opportunity to show how committed it is to immigration advocacy, and how disconnected from the public it claims to serve.

Shockingly and on the most momentous foreign policy week in decades as a result of the operation of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, Univision offered no fresh edition of Al Punto for Sunday, January 5th. Instead, the nation’s leading Spanish-language network went with a pre-planned broadcast of Jorge Ramos’ documentary for ESPN’s E:60Southmost- Life on the Border.

This should’ve been a full show on Al Punto, with the Soleimani operation, impeachment politics, the inevitable end of Julián Castro’s failed presidential campaign, and the events surrounding Venezuela’s legislative leadership elections- which the Maduro dictatorship appears to have stolen. To neglect these pressing matters in favor of an immigration-advocacy wokeumentary is an unconscionable abandonment of Univision’s duty to its viewers.

With its actions, Univision makes clear that it is, in fact, an immigration-advocacy PAC with a broadcast signal. Furthermore, the network believes that “Hispanic America” is better served by airing immigration propaganda than by covering news events of utmost importance to all of us. Perhaps it time we begin to ask: who does Univision think “Hispanic America” is, exactly? 

The unseriousness displayed by Univision’s news division also makes patently clear that “Hispanic America” cries out for a credible news alternative. 

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