Univision Just Can’t Quit Bernie, Touts Single-Payer

If polling is correct, then socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is on his way to a resounding defeat in Florida’s Democratic presidential primary. But that won’t stop the nation’s leading Spanish-language network from boosting Sanders to the bitter end.

Watch below at how the network made sure to frame its coverage of a poll unfavorable to Sanders in the friendliest manner possible:



BORJA VOCES: Now, Univision News is publishing the results of a Florida poll- one day before that state’s primaries. Let’s begin, Ely. Look. The poll shows that support for President Trump is strong. We’re talking about 54% approval. If we go to Latino voters it dips a bit more. We’re talking about 38%. 46% disapprove.

ELYANGÉLICA GONZÁLEZ: Well, also: is enough being done to prevent the spread of coronavirus? Well, what people say is that 53% believe so, 48% of Latino voters believe so, and 43% say no compared to 46% of Latino voters. There are people who’d rather say that they don’t know and therefore give no response, 4% of all voters, 6% of Latino voters.  

VOCES: And next, the poll also indicates that there is great support for the establishment of universal healthcare insurance which guarantees healthcare for all. And much more so among Latino voters. We’re talking about 71% in support of that healthcare coverage for all, one of the showcase proposals of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

GONZÁLEZ:  Which is so necessary right now, given that we’re talking about Coronavirus. 

VOCES: That’s right.

GONZÁLEZ: The insurance issue.

The Florida poll, commissioned by Univision and Latino Decisions, found both that Sanders would lose Florida and that President Donald Trump would beat either Democratic presidential candidate in the general election. But neither Borja Voces nor Elyangelica González mentioned that. 

After showing that voters approve the Trump Administration’s handling of the Wuhan Virus pandemic, Voces went to the part of the poll most favorable to Sanders and most in furtherance of the narrative of mass Latino support for Sanders: 71-29 support for “Universal Health Insurance System That Guarantees Care For Everyone”.

However, Univision didn’t drill deeper into potential definitions of “universal healthcare.” Pew Hispanic did, in a nationwide poll conducted a few weeks prior to Univision’s poll, and found that although the same 71% support government-run healthcare, only 38% supported the imposition of single-payer healthcare.

Unfortunately, this didn’t stop González from boosting single-payer as “so necessary” in the face of the Wuhan Virus. 

The market continues to cry out for an alternative.

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