Usana Rev3 Energy Drink – Cleaner, Smarter and Stronger

Usana Rev3, an energy drink manufactured by Usana Health Sciences, provides long-lasting energy by stimulating energy production at the cellular level. Usana Health Sciences is a top-rated producer of dietary supplements in the USA and 14 major countries of the world.

The Mitochondrion is known as the cellular 'power plant' because it is the main organelle that is responsible for energy production in the human cell. In a complex process called the citric acid or Kreb's cycle, the mitochondrion converts blood sugar / glucose into chemical energy in the form of Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP), which is useful for various cell functions like cell growth and cell differentiation.

Usana Rev3 is superior to other energy drinks because its contents include L-Carnitine, a substance that supports the mitochondrion in the production of energy. L-Carnitine works by transporting essential fats into the mitochondrion, which are then converted to energy. It also helps to extract from the mitochondrion harmful byproducts of the energy creation process. Rev3 also contains a coenzyme Q10, which produces a significant share of cellular energy.

Usana Rev3 also packs in several ingredients that are essential for the normal functioning of the citric acid cycle. These include malic acid, citric acid, Korean ginseng, rhodiola and others that help to deal with stress and fatigue caused by everyday activities.

Normal energy drinks are prepared with sugars having a high glycemic index. They tend to produce a temporary increase in energy which is followed by a sudden decrease, which makes the drinker feel drained out. Usana Rev3 is different than other drinks because it contains sugars with a low glycemic index, which provides long lasting spread of energy. With just one drink you can sustain energy for day-long activity.

The main ingredients of Rev3 are natural caffeine and a blend of various teas. It also contains a nutrient blend of multiple vitamins and anti-oxidants prepared from fruit extracts. In addition, it contains Olivol, a patented olive fruit extract which is useful in preventing oxidation of low density lipoproteins. Rev3 has an all-natural crispy taste and does not contain any artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors and preservatives. Rev3 drinkers report an increase in their mental alertness and stamina.

Usana Rev3 has created a revolution in the energy drinks industry by being cleaner, stronger and smarter than other drinks. Usana products have always been recognized to be superior in comparison to other dietary supplements in the market.

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