Vallejo police kill unarmed 22-year-old, who was on his knees together with his palms up : politics

Why are American cops such pussies?

Critically. It appears they’re fearful of every part, and the reply appears to be to lean on the set off like some child who’s taking part in a pc recreation. Buttonmashers.

I am Irish. Most of our cops do not even carry weapons (the overwhelming majority take satisfaction in being unarmed). If there’s a man with a stick, you struggle the man with the stick. If there is a man with a knife you hope your stab vest is as much as the duty but when he is hurting individuals you do not anticipate an armed response unit to reach, you go in along with your pepper spray and attempt to subdue him. If there’s some child on the bottom together with his palms up, you perhaps attempt to begin speaking to him to seek out out what the deal is.

I am not saying our cops do not have issues, numerous them do and there is all types of corruption stepping into (and the power is atrociously managed and hampered by regressive laws), however 98 instances out of 100 they are not very more likely to shoot you for something, not to mention kneeling down.

Different cops in Europe are extra closely armed however nonetheless do not shoot wildly by their vehicles at no matter they strategy to shoot at as a result of they’re scared.

I believed cops had been purported to be huge powerful guys and gals, so I ask once more: why such ridiculous, terrified pussies?

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