Various Styles of Long Evening Gowns to Complete the Look This Season

Some people say that clothes define who you are while others say that your personality is what defines you. Regardless of which category you fall in, you might agree that clothes definitely help you make a lasting first impression, especially if you are going to an event such as a party, engagement, wedding, or any other formal setting. When it comes to attending an event, it is a smart and fashionable idea to select designer party wear gowns; however, it is important to know the type of gown you should wear according to your body type, style and occasion in order to make a style statement.

Ball Gown

Known among one of the most regal dresses, a ballroom gown will definitely make you feel like a princess. These gowns are definitely timeless and will make you look stunning. You may wear them at your wedding reception, engagement party, or in a formal event. These gowns will also suit your body type if you are petite or tall because the bell shape gives it a balanced look on the legs, while the skim-cut bodice trims the waist.


This long gown with sleek design will enhance your curves and will make you look extremely stunning. It is great for formal evenings such as a party in a hotel or a classic dance event. These gowns are also great for someone who is not very tall, but is planning to give the effect.

Traditional Gown

This is among the most popular designer long evening gowns. It is a full length Anarkali looking gown that often comes with a salwar; however, the salwar is not visible. It is most popular among women during their weddings or more ethical events. If you are attending an Indian traditional event but want to experiment with your clothes by wearing something other than a saree or a salwar suit, this is an extremely stylish option with a blend of western and traditional style.

Apart from the aforementioned, you may also get a mermaid gown, a straight gown, and an A-line gown for your event. While buying designer long evening gowns, it is important for you to keep the time of the day in mind and select a color according to that. Also, it is important to accessorize the gown in order to complete the look. You may use a beautiful clutch, earrings, a bracelet, and a pair of stylish heels to get a stunning look.

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