Video Conferencing To Improve Company Productivity

In the world of business today with escalating economic pressure and immense global competition, time is a major factor. The common objective of businesses around the world is to reduce company downtime and improve productivity considerably. It seems to be of major priority subjects for employees and business holders across the globe. in order to sustain growth and reach the targets. In order to sustain growth and reach the targets, innovative technologies are set to make best use of every minute all through the day.

In spite of recruiting the best people, the major drawback is the employees get unmotivated and are unable to attend few important meetings. Surging technologies like video conferencing helps employees stay tuned and connected what ever may be the reasons.

The following are the few situations which tend the employees to keep away from office:

1. Continuous Meetings – Continuous meetings which require employees traveling, being away from home, discomfort sitting in traffic, waiting at airports and spending at hotel rooms are the few reasons which reduce the motivational spirit of the employees. Creating stress, unnecessary waste of time which could otherwise be used in office. Conducting meetings using online conferencing tools like video conferencing helps in attending meetings from the comfort of their house or office reducing unnecessary traveling.

2. Adverse Weather: Comfortable weather helps to make traveling easy for the employees, but one need to travel in drastic weather conditions as well. In severe rain, snow, sunny days it becomes tough to travel, resulting in poor attendance of the members at meetings from distant places. Implementation of video conferencing software avoids less attendance problem and helps getting connected from any part of the world and gives a feeling of present in the same room.

3. Health Issues: Employees suffering from cold still try to attend office as their attendance in the meetings is crucial. When employees are suffering from bad health their enthusiasm is down and coming to work place, they also create a dull environment with low esteem, making other employees also unmotivated. Attending a meeting from the comfort of their home using Video conferencing helps the employees to keep themself connected as well as being at rest at home.

4. Boosting Motivation: Unmotivated people bring down the business by bringing down the enthusiasm of others in the office. Using Video conferencing tool we can boost employees enthusiasm. Any motivational speeches can be propagated across the branches to rise the employees interest.

5. Ill family members: If any family member is suffering from ill health and requires support then it is required for the employee to stay back at home and use Video conferencing tool to connect to office so that he can do justice for both at home and at office.

6. Boosting the enthusiasm periodically is keeps the employees creates effective work environment in turn improves productivity. Attending training physically will be a problem and hinders the day to day work. Online training would be a flexible choice where the employees can attend training sessions from home with out traveling and maintain high spirits always.

Source by Shelly Desuza

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