Want to Know Why I Don’t Use a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?

Let’s face it, the water we drink is as important as the air we breath.

This is why I want to discuss why I don’t use the reverse osmosis water filter.

Water is essential for life! We can’t be without it. If we didn’t have water, we would parish! That is why I have such a passion for finding the truth about how we can improve the quality of the water we drink and bathe in. Water is priceless. I want to try to educate you about water filters, and in particular, the reverse osmosis filter.

This system of water filtration was very popular at one time. People were so determined to make the water that they drank safe, that companies worked hard to meet those consumers needs.

Thus the advent of the “Reverse Osmosis Water Filter”. Another term you could use is water

distillation processor. The end result is distilled water.

Man went centuries drinking pure, fresh water from our lakes and streams. That is until industrialization, and common practices of farming which introduced chemicals, fertilizers and other bad things into our water systems. Man reaped the rewards of not only hydration, which is essential for life, but also took in much needed trace minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium, which our bodies need naturally. Nowhere in history or science have we read about our bodies need for distilled water.

Distilled water even has a different PH than regular water, making is slightly acidic. Studies show that if we consume an acidic based substance, we produce more hydrogen in our bodies. This results in pulling minerals from our bones and teeth to produce bycarbonate to neutralize the acid.This compounded with the affect of drinking already de-mineralized water can make this a serious situation.

Nowhere on earth do we find naturally distilled water. Why do you think we should drink it on a regular basis? I know my answer to the question.

I already mentioned there are numerous toxic chemicals, fertilizers and other bad things found in our water supplies. For our health, we do need to try to filter them out and make our drinking water safer. I did a lot of research on the different water filter systems and concluded that there aren’t any really bad systems, other than the before mentioned product.

Some do nothing more than take out chlorine, rust and lead, making the water more pleasant to drink. But we need to do more than that. We need a system that will do that, plus remove the toxic substances that threaten our health every day. They also need to leave behind the trace minerals that our bodies need to function on a daily basis. Multistage water filtration systems seem to perform the best in all cases.

In conclusion, you don’t need to spend the most to get a good system. There are many choices, and many comparisons available to the consumer via the internet. Take advantage of that. Be educated, but if you are like me, steer away from the “Reverse Osmosis Water Filter.

Source by Jim Riley

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