Watch advocate sum up the true motive Republicans are stoking anti-trans hysteria in ladies’ sports activities

Talking of Jenner, whose platform I don’t need to present intensive room for, she apparently didn’t hassle to vote within the 2020 presidential election. Here’s a latest clip of her explaining that she “wound up going to play golf” as an alternative.


Whereas a visitor on Reid’s present TheReidOut, Reid precisely described the trans sports activities hysteria motion as a made-up disaster, noting that it’s the “favourite” sort for Republicans. Hannah-Jones described the anti-trans sports activities effort as a “wedge” and that Republicans aren’t, for instance, arguing for higher funding and remedy in ladies’ sports activities.

In talking about trans ladies in sports activities generally, Clymer stated the Republican social gathering “has run out of concepts” and that trans youngsters are straightforward for Republicans to assault as a result of most Individuals don’t know so much about trans youngsters and well being care. Clymer additionally identified that many instances when Republicans assault trans youth on-line, they’re selecting pictures of Black trans ladies in highschool subsequent to younger cis white ladies. Reid agreed with this sentiment, stating that it’s counting on the thought of concern of Black our bodies, furthering the topic as an intersectional situation.

And when it comes to Jenner? Clymer actually nailed it.

“Caitlyn Jenner is the Phyllis Schlafly of the trans neighborhood,” Clymer acknowledged, making reference to the lawyer who opposed the Equal Rights Modification, abortion, and LGBTQ rights. Clymer added that Jenner has persistently been in opposition to LGBTQ equality, and “has at all times labored in opposition to our pursuits, and so after we noticed her throw trans youngsters beneath the bus and straight assault trans youngsters in that interview, we’re not shocked. …That is who she is.”

Clymer additionally described Jenner as a “hypocrite” and “hateful” one who assaults fellow trans folks to assist her model. 

You may try the total interview beneath.

We must act now to urge our senators to vote “yes” to the Equality Act.

Sign and send the petition: The Senate must pass the Equality Act and stop the discrimination against LGBTQ people.

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