Watch These Smug CNN Promos Touting Their Personal Riots Protection, Reporter Being Arrested

Don’t let any nationwide journalist inform you that they don’t need to be part of the story. On Friday night time into early Saturday morning, CNN eagerly rotated not one however two promos touting their protection of the Minneapolis riots, together with the disturbing and despicable arrest of correspondent Omar Jimenez and his crew lower than 24 hours prior on New Day.

So, our New York and Washington-based journalists need to declare that they’re uncomfortable with the highlight? Both that’s a complete lie or they need to have a phrase with their bosses about whether or not their harmful work ought to translate into stardom and hero worship.



In a single 15-second promo backed with grim music, it started with Jimenez being arrested and him calmly asking: “Do you thoughts telling me why I’m underneath arrest, sir?”

The display briefly light and up got here Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (D) because the promo performed two clips from his Friday morning press convention, which included a prolonged apology to CNN and community boss Jeff Zucker: “Now we have bought to make sure that there is a secure spot for journalism to inform the story. [SCREEN WIPE] As a result of it’s a key element of how we repair this.”

The promo then ended with the CNN brand and considered one of their catchphrases, which was “go there” (as a substitute of “Details First”).

However as Chris “Fredo” Cuomo and Don Lemon told us on Friday night time, “CNN shouldn’t be being victimized” and “CNN shouldn’t be the information right here.”

How silly does CNN suppose we’re?

And the way do they suppose that such shameless self-promotion helps to each calm and inform an angered American public following George Floyd’s homicide? It’s secure to say everyone knows the reply.

The second promo was much more ridiculous. It started with a clip of mask-donning CNN nationwide correspondent Sara Sidner in the midst of a crowd and reporting: “We’re seeing rocks being thrown and that being matched with tear gasoline.”

Three extra information clips got here within the type of former Jim Comey flack-turned-CNN correspondent Josh Campbell and correspondent Miguel Marquez sounding ominous, after which the clip from the primary promo of Jimenez being arrested. And in between them? A smarmy occasion about CNN’s toughness:

[ON-SCREEN GRAPHIC: When the facts matter]

CAMPBELL: This can be a a lot completely different scene than what we noticed final night time.

MARQUEZ: Because the tensions go up, it’s more and more worrisome.

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Whatever the challenge]

JIMENEZ [TO POLICE]: Do you thoughts telling me why I’m underneath arrest, sir?


“When the info matter?” “Regardless of the challenger?” Give me a break.

And in a 3rd promo, CNN teased a particular report set for Sunday night time entitled I Can’t Breathe; Black Males Residing and Dying in America. If there’s something we’ve discovered from Zuckerville, it’s that CNN particular occasions make everything infinitely better.

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