Wear a Timeless Vintage Dress at Your Next Big Occasion

A vintage dress is one that dates back to an earlier decade or even century. It not only represents the popular style of that era but is a reflection on the culture of the time as well. Generally, it refers to dresses from the Victorian period to the 1960. Dresses after that date are considered to be contemporary. You can find such a dress for a cocktail party, to wear to your prom and even a vintage wedding dress.

When you start shopping form vintage clothing you have to know your body measurements rather than your size. This is because there is no comparison to the sizes of dresses today and those of past decades. If you wear a size 8 dress today, you would probably never think of buying size 12 in this type of dress, but that is exactly the size you need to look at. This is why the stores that sell vintage clothing will advertise the dresses in waist, hip, and bust measurements.

Browsing online will allow you to search numerous sites selling all kinds of vintage clothing. These sites have huge collections of dresses from earlier times. Search for dresses from the Victorian era, from the 20 or the sweetheart styles of the 60. With the wide range of dresses available, you should have some idea of the type of function for which you need a specific dress because this will help to limit your search instead of looking through everything that is available. You also have to look at the site itself to ensure that you can buy the dress you want at this location and have it shipped directly to your door.

You should start your search early enough to allow for the length of time required for shipping. Shopping at most online vintage clothing stores means you need to allow four to six weeks for delivery. You should also be aware that even when you do receive the dress you choose, you may still need to make a few alterations to the dress, especially if you choose one from the 20 when the bras used were designed to increase the size of the bust by at least two inches. This would mean that the bodice of the dress may be too large for you and will need to be taken in.

Look at the details of the dress. if you have any questions about a particular dress, there is usually a contact link where you can contact the retailer directly to gain more information. The return policy of the site is also important because once you do receive the dress and you find it is really not suitable, you need to able to return it for a full refund.

Since most of the vintage clothing has been previously worn, when you do receive the dress of your choice and it suits you, then you can just get it dry cleaned. Even though, the retailers do have these clothes cleaned before they sell them.

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