Wearing Red to the Prom? Discover Which Style of Red Prom Dresses Will Look the Best on You!

So you’ve decided to be bold and wear a beautiful red prom dress this year and now comes the fun task of finding the perfect outfit for your exciting night on the town! Red is certainly a fun color to wear and while almost anyone can pull off wearing this vibrant eye-catching color, not all styles of dresses look great on everyone. However, the good news is, that there is a style of dress for every body shape and size!

Well, your search for the perfect red prom dress just got easier. Here are some great tips that will help you know which style of dress will best flatter your body type.

If You Are Petite:

  • If you are petite, the ever popular bubble dress is perfect for your small frame. The flirty, poufy shape will fill you out in just the right places so that it gives the illusion that you have some nice hourglass curves.
  • A mermaid or fishtail style will give you a curvy silhouette while the dramatic and breathtaking hemline will also make you appear taller.

If You Are Tall And Skinny:

  • If you are tall and lanky then consider wearing a ruched-type dress either in a mini or micro-mini. The soft gathers will add a bit of dimension and keep you from appearing too skinny.

If You Are Curvy:

If you have some beautiful curves, then you have some lovely options:

  • The one-shoulder dress is perfect because the diagonal strap accentuates your pretty collarbone and it also adds more support than wearing a bare-shoulder dress.
  • The empire waist dress is a beautiful timeless dress that looks fabulous on curvy ladies because the soft fabric skims over your curves gracefully while giving you room to breathe.

If You Are An Apple Shape:

If you are an apple shape then this means that you carry more weight on the top half of your body, like your abdomen, waist and chest area than you do on the lower half of your body.

  • A tufted dress with light gathers off to the side of the waist but that lies smoothly across your middle would be a great choice as well. The bottom can have ruffles, or gathers but just make sure the waist or bodice lies flat.
  • A patterned long dress is another way to dress the apple shape figure because the pattern will subtly camouflage your middle area. Also, try to find a patterned dress with a neckline that will accentuate and show off your shoulders. Fortunately this year, there are some gorgeous prints out there that include the color red.

If You Are A Pear Shape:

If you are a pear shape then this means that you carry most of your weight towards your bottom and hips. Some great choices are:

  • Tiered A-line dresses with soft layers of fabric towards the bottom will accentuate your small waist. A-line dresses are perfect for pear shaped ladies and other figure types as well and should be at the top of your list of styles to consider.
  • Grecian style dresses in either long or short. Look for a dresses with beautiful adorned necklines and a high waist because it will accentuate your upper half while the the soft flowing fabric will drape your lower body in a very flattering way.

Source by Karrie Landon

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