Weekly Review: Aldnoah Zero

Heavens Fall… the day that is still stuck in every mind of every Terran, who are Earth born, and Versian, who are Mars born. It began when human’s exploration took them to the red planet of Mars. Once there, a man, the future first king of the Vers Empire, discovered an ancient, alien technology known as Aldnoah. With Aldnoah, the people of Mars were able to advance their technology at a very rapid rate, and soon split from the people of Earth. From the moment that the Vers Empire announced it’s split from the people of Earth, the seeds of war were planted.

It came. Utilizing a technology known as the Hypergate, the Vers Empire was able to transport their units instantly to Earth’s moon. However, for reasons that are still very unclear, during a battle on the moon, the Hypergate went out of control. This was known as Heavens Fall. The moon was left shattered nearly in half, and the destruction across the landscape of Earth was massive. Without a way to quickly send out troops, the Vers Empire backed off; however, they still had plenty of troops left in Earth’s orbit, namely the Orbital Knights. The Orbital Knights are high members of the army, each with massive ships known as Landing Castles. Unable to properly communicate with their homeland to continue the attack, The Orbital Knights made their home in the asteroid belt. After Heavens Fall, a cease fire was officially announced.

Now, fifteen years later, the princess of the Vers Empire, Asseylum Vers Allusia, is planning on a good will visit to Earth to promote peace between the two. She is a strong believer in peace between Earth and Mars, and wants to do her part. However, The Orbital Knights fear for her safety, in fact, some speak out of what they would do should something “happen” to her. The princess ignores the potential danger, as she trusts the goodwill of the Terrans, and heads to Earth anyway. Once there, during a parade, she is assassinated.

The Orbital Knights, whipped up into a rage, deploy many of their castles in a full out assault on Earth, without the consent from the ruler of the Vers Empire. Earth now finds itself in a fight again, except this time, it is more apparent than ever that the gap in technology is vast. Earth immediately suffers heavy losses against the power of Aldnoah. How will they survive, if they can’t even take down a single enemy unit?

Man! It’s kind of rough trying to get the entire plot out there! Anyway, the main line is, Earth has found itself in a war that they can’t possibly win. The war was provoked in a manner that may or may not have been set up, wink wink. So how in the world will the people of Earth stand against something like the Vers Empire? His name is Inaho! Inaho is a student / trainee at the time of the attack; ever since Heavens Fall, military training has become a part of the education system.

Inaho is different from his other classmates, meaning he is totally awesome. He is cool headed, thinks situations through, and has a unique ability to see a battle at different angles. Instead of panicking while attacking or being attacked, he tests his enemy. He pokes and prods until he finds a weak spot. This is immediately apparent after he is thrown into his first fight, along with a couple of his classmates, against an opponent that is seemingly invincible. Inaho, single handedly, is one of those people that can turn the tides of a war.

On the flip side, on the Vers side, the story follows a boy named Slaine. Slaine is a child of Earth, but is serving under one of the Orbital Knights. We get to see the struggles that Slaine has to go through as the Vers people view him as scum. He is very close to the princess, and it hits him deep whenever he learns of her death. However, he is the first of the Vers to realize the truth, and must make a choice on how he will act on it.

There is a lot of information that I am missing, but I don’t want to ramble on. Overall, this anime is quite fantastic. The soundtrack alone will have your heart. The characters, especially Inaho, are very well done and it is a pleasure to go on this journey with them. This is one of those anime series where, by the end, it is hard to choose a side that you want to win. You feel for both sides, which is quite rare in an anime. The action sequences are very well done, as well as the dialogue and character developments. I enjoyed watching this anime through in both sub and dub.

If you are a fan of… well, anime. You should go ahead and give this anime a shot. It is an action / mecha, but it dives down deeper than that. You get extremely attached to the characters and the drama and loss of war is very emotional. I would definitely recommend this anime!

Source by Kyle W Hawk

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