Weight Loss Tips – Food & Exercise Facts – Tactics For Coping!

I thought I would outline some facts about food and exercises and how these can help your mood and ultimately your waistline. These will help with tactics for coping while losing weight and keeping in the right frame of mind.

Food Facts:

The mood-buster, serotonin, can be found in turkey, chicken, eggs, mils and banana’s.

To help your nervous system eat foods which are rich in B vitamins. These foods include green vegetables, seafood and fortified cereals and bread.

Alcohol doesn’t boost your mood, it is actually bad for emotional and physical health as it’s actually a depressant. Caffeine also makes some people edgy too. Cut out or cut down on alcohol and coffee.

Did you know that very low fat diets are associated with depression? However, foods such as nuts, oily fish and olive oil are rich in essential acids which help keep the brain active and healthy.

Keep your blood-sugar levels healthy by eating regularly. This helps you avoid the ‘high and low’ effect of your energy and if too long a gap between meals your mood can go low along with your low energy.

Exercise Facts:

Finding an exercise you enjoy doing is essential. You need the double-whammy of enjoying what you are doing and keeping fit and healthy. This could be anything that is moderately active such as swimming, dancing, walking or gardening.

Did you know that research has proved that going outside and enjoying nature enhances the natural ‘feel good factor’ you get from your chosen exercise? Go for walks outside or cycling.

Research studies at the University of Boston found that people who carried out Yoga, enjoyed a much improved boost of mood through a calming neurotransmitter which is similar to serotonin.

Push yourself to exercise as the benefits are enormous. It’s a fact that exercise helps boost the mood in as little as ten minutes of doing some moderate activity.

Source by Claire Bowes

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