What a Job Means to Me

Some people have different definitions of a job but here is mine. A job to me is something you do because you need the money. Some may call it work, some may call it life. Most people need money and well that means those people need jobs to accomplish that. Now most jobs you get aren’t always fun and well probably won’t be for the most portion of them. That is until you gain the experience to change your ways of working and making money, such as going to college or applying yourself to the type of work that you would like to do.

I always thought that if you could find a job that makes money and is what you like to do, then that would make your life better and make you a happier person. Doing this may be hard because there are so many job opportunities out there but lets face it, they all aren’t going to be your slice of heaven. We all start somewhere until we can gain that slice.

How can you accomplish happiness in the work you do? Try to find your passion. Find a way to turn this passion into a business opportunity. Think of what motivates you, whether it is money, having fun, spending time with your family, etc. Start with something small, maybe an at home business. Example lets say your passion is art. Try selling art from your home via local advertising or a website. Maybe you love pets. Try doing an at home pet care service. These are all just small examples of what you can do to turn your passion into a life long career.

So my main goal and focus for myself is simple. I want to turn my hobbies and passion which is blogging and computers into my life long career. Working at a store as a sales associate isn’t really what I want to be doing my whole life. I figure the more hard work I put into my new goal, the faster I will achieve it and be happy.

“Turn your passion into your new job” – Brian

Source by Brian Boyer

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