What Are Genetic Food Supplements?

Have you heard of personalized or genetic food supplements? These are nutritional supplements that are developed using DNA samples taken from clients. The result is a personalized or genetic food supplement that is customized to the needs of an individual. One company pioneering this technology is Genewize Life Sciences through its LifeMap Nutrition(TM) System.

Our body needs vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and even fats for it to function well and defend itself from diseases and infections. Nutrients come from various sources. The most accessible source of nutrients is food.

Problem is, not all of us are eating nutritious foods every day. In fact, because of lifestyle or other reasons, modern mans diet is significantly devoid of the most important nutrients that the body needs. Even those who eat supposedly healthy food may not be getting enough nutrients because of the fact that the soil today contains far less nutrients than the soil of 100 years ago. It has been stressed time and again that eating a balanced diet is one of the secrets to a longer, disease-free life.

Our lifestyle can also prevent us from getting proper nutrition from food. For example, smokers and people who regularly drink alcoholic drinks may need more nutrients, particularly Vitamin C, than those that they are getting from food. Other factors such as pollution and stress can also significantly raise the demands of the body for more nutrients.

People with serious medical conditions also need significantly more nutrients than most people. People dealing with cancer for example may need high doses of Vitamin E to improve their condition. This is because Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can significantly deter the effects of free radicals which are believed to be a cause of cancer.

An answer to the problems of people who can’t get enough nutrients from food is food supplements. Food and nutritional supplements provide nutrition that regular foods of today are not able to provide. There are many available food supplements out there. So many that choosing the right one can be difficult.

So why not choose genetic food supplements that are personalized to be sure that the nutrients you are getting are just what you need. Thanks to genetic food supplements such as the one offered through the LifeMap Nutrition(TM) System of Genewize Life Sciences, personalized nutrition is now within reach.

Source by Stefan Dessalines

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