What Are the Different Styles of Wedding Dresses?

There is a variety of different styles when it concerns the wedding dress. It helps to consider the bride’s body type and choose a dress able to flatter the body size and shape. It also helps to consider other factors like personal style, weight, and age. Here are several of the major styles –


A mermaid wedding dress is perfect for those looking for the dresses able to hug the curves and shape of the body. Mermaid dresses offer a perfect choice for those brides hoping to emphasize the shape of the curvy figure. A rectangle or hour-glass figure is certain to benefit this type of dress. It might not benefit the petite person since it is likely to shorten the appearance and can seem quite unflattering.


An A-Line styled wedding dress (also known as the Princess dress) is certain to offer a perfect choice for virtually any bride. A-Line dresses are appreciated for the ability to be quite forgiving and helps with concealing tummy bulge or balancing out the more top-heavy shapes.


A further choice offering the forgiving fit includes the Empire wedding dress, which is a great choice for most body shapes. It is an ideal fit for those with the hour-glass, pear, apple, and inverted triangle shape. A classic styled dress with a high waistline and fabric that is elegant and extends full length. An ideal style of dress for the pregnant brides since it is well-shaped and comfortable to wear.


The Sheath wedding dress (also called the Column dress) is designed to fall vertically from top to bottom with no flair out in the region of the hem, which is seen with the ball gown, empire, and a-line. Most of these dresses hug the shape of the body and are most favorable for the slim or petite brides. This is a style that should be avoided if not entirely confident with the existing shape of the body.

Ball Gown

A Ball Gown wedding dress (also referred to as the Cinderella or Fairy-Tale gown) is styled to flare out in the area of the hips to add an extra degree of glamour and drama to the outfit. An ideal body shape for this dress includes the apple, rectangle, inverted triangle, hour-glass, and pear. It might benefit to avoid this style of dress for those with the petite shape since this design can be quite overwhelming for the smaller frame.

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