What Are the Qualities That Define a Mesmerizing Public Speaker?

One can often hear the proverb “action speaks louder than words” many a times in their life. But there are circumstances when one feels like defying this statement by saying “No! Words are more impactful than actions”. And when does this happen? When… one listens to the world’s best inspirational speaker who has the capacity to call fire as ice and make people accept his logic as well. These speakers are extra ordinarily powerful in articulating their speech and also in creating a one to one contact to every audience. Their language is simple and their sentences are easy to follow. They carry a great aura and this is what makes them special. As one listens to them, he starts to feel an urge to achieve something and reap big in his life. From an audience perspective there are few amazing attributes that defines a mesmerizing public speaker.


The best conference speaker is the one who comes prepared with his pointers before facing the audience. He knows that the ones sitting in front of him are not fools to buy everything he throws at them. He does his adequate homework and most importantly learns the background of the audience whom he has to address. He phrases his contents intelligently so that he can strike the iron with his introductory lines. Thus the content framing is the first and prime attribute for a speaker.


Simplicity does not just refer to the attire and looks. Simplicity in thoughts, simplicity in action and simplicity in emotions are all essential to become a good speaker. He does not need to memorize all the adjectives from the dictionary but needs to understand every human emotion. He need not master motivational quotes, but must have the capacity to uplift the positivity in his listeners. Over all he must be able to articulate his speech to cover all strata of the audiences.

Body language

Many speakers come and go, but the best ones stay etched in heart for ever. Do they cast a spell? No, but their eyes and body language narrate one thousand words unsaid. A brilliant sales presentation can be made even more interactive when the speaker barges into his audience and takes a one on one session impromptu. There are many such interactive techniques that one can learn from professional speaking academies all around the world.

Personal Anecdotes

Public speakers always have a lot of personal experience narration. They present their life as an open book which can be browsed by anyone. They reveal situations where in they have stayed without bulging and assertive to achieve their target. They build confidence in the audience through their personalized narratives.


Saving the best for the last, great inspirational speakers never use foul or inappropriate language or manners in public. They are well groomed and also well behaved so that they can be a perfect example for the public. This quality makes them stand out of the crowd and create a niche for their talent.

These are some of the admirable qualities that make any orator into a lovable public speaker. When addressing his audience, this man has the capacity to understand what the audience wants to hear and he exactly delivers the same in the most efficient manner. He may not be a god man but surely is a god sent messenger who can bereave one’s distress and confusion with his factual and logical statements. For anyone craving desperately to become such a good speaker to achieve great heights in personal life and professional like in business sector, Phil M Jones is the best place to get the necessary trainings in order to become a mesmerizing speaker.

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