What Are The Requirements To Be A Model In The 21st Century?

As a young women who desires to be a fashion model, you need to know what are the requirements to be a model. The fashion modeling world has changed a lot from a few years ago when your beauty, height, and size had very strict requirements. These type of models were considered editorial or “edgy” type models because they possessed physical characteristics that were not mainstream in most women.

So you may be be asking yourself: Could I be a model in the 21st century? The new fashion model requirements of the 21st century have a broader set of physical requirements. To be considered as a “High fashion” model you still need to be 5’7″ to 6’1″ and a size 0 to 6, but there are many other modeling categories you can target if you don’t meet these physical requirements.

There is a category called “Fit”, for ladies who are 5’2″ to 5’7″ and a size 2 to 10. This category is considered a Commercial or a “mainstream” category because most women you meet everyday meet these physical characteristics. Don’t confuse a “Fit” model with someone who needs to have six pack abs. A “Fit” model’s job is to try on various clothing for a designer’s upcoming clothing line.

The model has to go through many fittings and give the designer feedback on how the garment feels. A “Fit” model serves more as a consultant, but can be paid up to $2,000 for one days work. The benefit is that the client may use you several times per year and pay you up to $2,000 each time.

You need to fully understand what are the requirements to be a model so you can target yourself to modeling agencies that specialize in your category. Some modeling agencies own work with models that meet a very strict physical set of characteristics. There are other agencies that have a broader set of physical requirements, and you should also consider marketing yourself to those agencies instead of some of the larger agencies.

I want you to realize that there is a whole fashion modeling world waiting for ladies like you. You just need to know how to tap into this world. You will still experience rejection, some agents will still say you’re not the right “type”. But, what you will discover is that the world of fashion modeling is larger than you initially believed.

I was asked by a young lady: what are the requirements to be a model? My answer to her was very broad because the requirements are very broad these days. Once your know your true measurements, you can laser target which agency to approach and this will greatly increase your chances of breaking into the fashion model business.

Source by Chris J Jay

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