What Are the Warning Signs of Diabetes?

It is often difficult to tell if you have diabetes. The signs and symptoms can easily be confused with some other medical condition, and besides you don’t think they pose serious threats to your life. So you tend to overlook the signs and symptoms, not knowing that your life is at stake.

The two most common types of diabetes are Type I and Type II, and although the situations that result to either type are different, presenting signs and symptoms of both diabetes types are more or less the same. Type I diabetes results from the destruction of cells that produce insulin, and this type of diabetes commonly occurs in children and young adults. In the case of Type II diabetes, insulin is produced but then there is an inability of the cells this time to make use of the insulin. This type of diabetes is common among the older generation.

Notwithstanding the type of diabetes, it is very important that you know how to spot the warning signs of diabetes for you to be able to immediately take the necessary precautions. Remember that the earlier diabetes is diagnosed, the better are the chances of controlling it, thereby reducing risks of complications.

If you happen to go to the bathroom more often than before, that should already cause you to wonder if you have diabetes. You see, when you have diabetes, the insulin produced by your body may not be enough for the kidneys to filter the sugar back to the blood. To compensate, the kidneys become overactive and there is a need to extract more water from the blood. The extra water makes the bladder full, the reason why there is an urgency to urinate when you have diabetes.

With frequent urination comes another tell-tale sign of diabetes — thirst that cannot be quenched. In response to the extra water that is extracted from the blood and out of the system in the form of urine, the diabetic drinks more water than necessary.

Rapid weight loss can also occur especially in the case of Type 1 diabetes when not enough insulin is produced by the pancreas. Thus, instead of using insulin to produce energy, the body makes use of fat cells, and because the cells are starved of energy, fatigue can be a common problem.

Slow healing of wounds, itchy skin and blurry vision also occur with diabetes.

Lastly, there may be numbness or tingling of the hands and feet. This symptom usually develops over a period of time.

Other warning sign of diabetes are itchy skin, slow healing cuts and blurred vision.

Source by Dr. Eswararamanan VR

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