What Causes Diabetes (Type 2) – Things You Must Know

Young adults, teenagers, and children are becoming more and more prone to being victims of diabetes. If you are trying to figure out what causes diabetes (the type 2 version) in your family, read below to see the patterns and habits that seem to establish this disease.

The patterns of this form of diabetes that is taking over teenagers and children are most commonly associated with those children and adolescents who are overweight. Poor eating habits and the consumption of too many sugar-loaded foods, snacks and drinks have put children at risk for having this disease. As diabetes grows more and more common, many people are educating themselves on what causes Type 2 Diabetes. This disease takes place when a person’s body finally becomes resistant to the levels of insulin in the body. Insulin gives sugar to the cells which is vital for the body to function properly.

When a person is diagnosed with this form of diabetes he or she will be told by doctors to alter his or her eating habits, as well as the large possibility of being put on medication to balance the insulin levels in the body. In diabetes that has reached Type 2, the insulin is stuck in the bloodstream as opposed to being vented to the cells. High blood pressure and the factor of being overweight both contribute to what causes Type 2 Diabetes. To take positive steps to control diabetes, incorporating healthy eating habits, staying hydrated with water, and exercising on a consistent basis will assist in reducing the effect of diabetes in many cases.

Some types of diabetes are caused due to genetic factors and those these cannot always be prevented they can often be maintained and effectively controlled. Quitting smoking and keeping on a high fiber diet which also includes vegetables, fruit, and protein will help a person to be successful in actively functioning with this disease. Many parents are worried about what causes Type 2 Diabetes in their children. The best way to help children overcome diabetes is to teach them a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

These healthy living habits will follow them into adolescence and adulthood and will assist them greatly in being responsible for controlling their health in a progressive manner. Researchers have discovered that committing to an exercise regimen of thirty minutes a day which involves cardio workout is successful in helping a person to control and manage forms of diabetes. Knowing what causes diabetes is the first step in prevention and managing this disease.

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