What Do Anaconda Snakes Eat?

I am almost sure that Anacondas were not of interest to you before you believed in the fine Hollywood hit movie and the story behind Jennifer Lopez last Anaconda encounter. In fact, there are only a handful of people that have ever asked about what do Anaconda snakes eat, neither of these people are within a 10,000 mile ratio of such amazing creatures within their country.

For any situation, entertaining or study reasoning maybe, anacondas are totally apart from all of the other snakes because of the daily habit of hunting, stalking a prey, eating and getting to grow. But very important before we delve into detail and stress this enough: anacondas do not eat people or aren’t some sort of compulsive prey eater! That is way too much HBO!

Anaconda snakes are guided by the way their appetite and the way they hunt. The snakes just coil the body of the prey and they squeeze until the last breathe of air is expunged from the animal. They can easily weight over 200 pounds and be longer than 30 feet.

So what do anaconda snakes eat? They eat any animal they can overpower. Usually: fishes, sheep, fully grown deeps and even dogs. Chewing or tearing the flesh of the prey I guess is just another Hollywood effect they can always get away and evolve the emotion of the uncertain. Hollywood is just that great. With a bit of humor, just make sure you focus more on Mr. Lopez than the next bigger snake featured on TV for any of the following sequel of such great movie!

Source by Michael Gutemberg

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