What Does a Necklace Mean?

A necklace means much more than a piece of cloth or beads round the neck. Other than completing the trendy casual or elegant dress that one wears,in ancient times it had other meanings. A necklace signified the nativity or geographical area that a person hailed from. The manufacturing process was much tedious and it included rocks, wood, shells, plant gems etc and that was why a necklace was not just a mere decorative item.

Some of the ancient symbolism has survived the test of time. Such is the cross or crucifix that is to be spotted around the necks of some Christian faithful; it is meant to signify faith. This necklace is said to have a direct connection with Jesus Christ, His love and sacrifice for humanity; and also help the wearer in times of need. However, some people wear these cross or crucifix as a mere decoration and this explains why you spot so many people wearing them.

A woman wears a necklace to draw attention to her cleavage and in so doing she also brings out elegance, femininity, charm, elegance and the fine curves of her delicate neck. Men on the other hand wear a choke-type as a mere decorative item. This however sends a clear message to the onlooker; that the wearer wants to look good, has style and is a man of his times.

Giving a necklace as a gift is a common trend this days, and people normally have sentimental attachments. Usually, people associate the jewelry to the person who presented it to them. Every time they wear it, it brings fond memories of that person. This is how mother’s present necklaces to their daughters, a tradition that has been going on for ages.

Source by Peter Gitundu

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