What Does it Take to Motivate You?

Over the past several days it has occurred to me that I move from being motivated to continue this business to "what have I done!" I am sure more of you feel the same way. I watch as those new distributors rocket out of the shoot and get to first base before anyone can blink an eye.

Most of these fast starters eventually cannot keep up the pace but still earn a good income. Unfortunately, I am not one of the fast starters anymore because I learned that motivation if often fleeting but longevity is much easier. Here is why:

Number One – I am motivated but I do not like to rush into doing things that are against my beliefs.

Number Two – I am here for the long haul and will "drip" my way through the first months until I gain momentum. What I mean here is that I am a CONSTANT and I am PERSISTENT in working my way through the maze.

Number Three – I work methodically and understand if something is not my genius then I either learn to make it my genius or I hire someone to do the job.

Number Four – I work at the strategic level and dive into the details where necessary.

Number Five – I am ALWAYS there – I show up for meetings, jump on calls, and answer to myself for being focused on the task at hand.

Number Six – The spark is always fanned so that it never goes out – I have that spark and success will not elude me for long.

Number Seven – I work on getting support for what I am doing, not by pushing myself on them, but by living the dream as it unfolds.

Number Eight – I am constantly educating myself by reading books on how to be a more effective person and how to escalate the business. My latest book is Harmonic Wealth – wow what insights!

Number Nine – I keep an eye on the prize by focusing on what I must accomplish each day to move the business forward. I use the 6 steps process for making sure I know when I am creating value-add, business-value or no value at all.

Number Ten – Health is of utmost importance – this is really what creates wealth and being able to live the dream – don't hold back when it comes to health.

Remember this is my laundry list of what is important to me for moving forward, yours may be different, but I do know that I am of one mind and I know success is here because of it.

Source by Bette Daoust, Ph.D.

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