What Is a Fat Binder?

A fat binder or fat stopper is a cactus extract food supplement, that binds with some of the fat in your meals, so you won’t have to burn off excess fat calories, after eating your daily meals. When you work, it can be hard to manage control over what you eat, or getting enough exercise. The availability of fat binders makes it possible for a new, sensible, and much easier solution for controlling your weight.

Presently, there are 5 major food supplements available without prescription.

Proactol contains a 100% natural ingredient Opuntia ficus-indica, also, known as prickly pear extract or indian fig made from cactus.

LipoBind contains Litramine which is a fiber complex made mainly from Opuntia ficus-indica.

Alli is made with Orlistat the active ingredient used in the prescription medication Xenical.

Liposinol which contains Litramine and Circadian.

XLS Medical which contains Litramine and Vitamins A, D and E.

The primary active ingredient, Opuntia ficus-indica, is a natural fiber complex extracted from a cactus known as prickly pear, or indian fig, that binds with your fat intake, and removes it from your body. The fiber complex breaks down to soluble and insoluble fibers. The soluble fibers form a thick, sticky, viscous substance, that has a consistency between a liquid and a solid. The insoluble fibers combine with some of the fats in the food in your stomach, and bind with them quickly to form a fluid gel. This makes the fats gelatinous, making it harder for them to be absorbed by your body, and as a result, they are naturally passed out of your body instead.

When these complexes meet, they form a very adhesive solution which helps to gradually slows down digestion within the body. A domino effect slows down the absorption of glucose into your blood stream, helps regulate blood lipid levels, and reduces cholesterol levels by up to 10%, which can help reduce cardiovascular risk. Your stomach finds this solution a lot harder to digest, resulting in it staying in your stomach beyond the normal length an ordinary meal would stay. The result of which is that you can feel fuller for much longer, helping to reduce your cravings for food.

Fat binders are even good for vegetarians, because none of the ingredients have been derived from animals, or animal products. Under a doctors supervision, for any adult 18 years or older wanting to go on a weight loss program, these products can help lose weight.

Side Effects.

The most common side effects are gas or bloating, and a slight change in bowel habits. The side effects can be minimized by controlling or reducing the amount of fat intake of your diet, drinking plenty of water, and following the recommended dosage instructions.


Do not exceed the recommended intake. Consult your physician, before you start any type of losing weight program. Especially, if you have any medical problems like diabetes, epilepsy, hyperthyroidism, pregnant, breast feeding, or if on any medication.

The best way to reduce the fat that is being absorbed by your body is to reduce the amount of fat in your diet. Clinical studies have shown that the use of a fat binder with a healthy balanced diet, watching calories, and exercise can help you lose weight.

Source by Cal Johnson

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