What Is K Cups Coffee?

Are you a single-cup kind of coffee drinker? If so, then you should consider K Cups Coffee. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about K Cups, which you should consider when choosing a coffeemaker for your daily cup of java:

1. What is K Cups?

K Cups is the patented coffeemaker design of the Keurig Company. Since 1998, Keurig’s coffeemakers have been making perfect gourmet coffee-one cup at a time. There’s no need to harvest a coffee plant, grind or roast coffee beans, or even deal with messy filters. The K Cup system supplies you with a perfect cup of coffee each and every time you use a Keurig machine. And to top it all off, it’s ready in less than 60 seconds! That’s definitely a plus in the hustle and bustle of today’s world.

2. How popular is K Cups?

To say that K Cups is popular in the USA would be an understatement. In fact, it’s the bestselling single-cup system for coffee brewing in the United States and Canada. Ironically while “keurig” is the Dutch word meaning “excellence,” K Cups is less renowned in Europe. However, that will likely change considering how extremely popular the system is in North America. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the coffee drinking world discovers the perfection of the K Cups coffee-making system.

3. What are some of the main competitors of K Cup?

Although the K Cups system is the bestselling single-cup coffee-making system in North America, the competition is quite fierce. Here are some of the major players:


The AeroPress from Aerobie is one of the major competitors of K Cups. At $25, the price tag of this compact coffeemaker is attractive to many java lovers. However, the AeroPress isn’t without its drawbacks. Unlike the K Cups coffeemakers, the AeroPress requires a icky paper filter. Based on its operation, it also requires a moderate amount of force in order to produce its coffee. And arguably the biggest drawback of this one-cup coffeemaker from Aerobie is that it’s not programmable-unlike K Cup models.

Black and Decker

Known primarily for its power tools, Black and Decker also produces a Brew ‘n Go one-cup coffeemaker. The main drawback of this system is its overall quality. Although the price tag is affordable (about $20), the “You get what you pay for” rule definitely applies in this case.


The main benefit of single-cup coffeemakers from Nespresso is that (as you might guess) they also produce an array of espressos. But the convenience doesn’t come cheaply, with some models having a price tag of over $300. Another important issue is that Nespresso machines are impractical if you prefer basic brewed coffee.

4. What ratings has K Cups received?

The mere fact that K Cups have become the top-selling single-cup coffeemakers in North America, speaks volumes. It’s generally received high ratings for various reasons. It’s programmable. It doesn’t require messy paper filters. And it produces a tasty cup of coffee in less than one minute. In terms of K Cup machines’ value, professional and Average Joe (pun intended) reviewers have given such coffeemakers some of the top marks.

Source by Andris Lee

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