What Is Monokini Swimwear?

This is the ultimate swimwear for women who do not feel comfortable wearing a bikini. It makes you look and feel sexy but still covers up more of your body than a bikini would. It first made its appearance in 1963 when it was designed by Rudi Gernreich who was an Austrian-American designer and was featured in Look Magazine. Over the past fifty years the Monokini swimwear has become more dramatic looking with a more daring cut but it is still popular today. The Monokini combines the design of a one piece bathing suit with the look of a bikini. The one drawback is that this bathing suit is more for glamour than functional. If you just want to wear it to the beach or pool in order to show off your body, float around in the pool, or sunbathe this would be okay but if you are the athletic type who likes to surf, swim hard, dive, then you should opt for a more comfortable bathing suit.

If you have an upper body that is well-defined and a torso that is long, you have the type of body that a Monokini bathing suit would look great on. The reason that this type of swimsuit is not made for a woman who is athletic is because it tends to just hang loosely on this type of body frame. If a woman has an hourglass figure that is natural and are slim you can also wear this type of swimwear. The Monokini also works great for a woman who has slender legs and a little on the short side. Wearing this brand of swimwear will give a woman the appearance of having a figure that is curvaceous. One of the reasons this type of swimsuit is so popular is that you see many celebrities wearing them.

You can get this swimsuit in many different cuts and styles. If the woman has the right figure for a Monokini it would be a very flattering swimsuit for you to wear. It does have the look of a bikini but wearing it will help to alleviate the fear of it becoming unfastened when you are in the water like a bikini can do. Wearing this swimsuit you will be coving a big area of you body, both the upper and lower part. You will be exposing your stomach area. Some of them have cuts that are low around your cleavage and on the bottom there are high cuts.

The Monokini swimsuit comes in a variety of prints and patterns. For the younger generation there are patterns like polka dots, checks, or just plain colors. If you are an older woman you may like a bolder color, have one that has a metallic pattern, or even decorated with lace. The cost of a Monokini varies as to where you purchase it and the type that you get. Just make sure that you keep in mind that a Monokini swimsuit is worn more to show off a woman’s glamorous body and not for doing anything more active than sun bathing or floating around in the pool.

Source by Avisha Jain

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