What is Rex Fur and Why is it So Popular?

With the growing trend of fur sales worldwide, I am noticing a new generation of fur types emerging onto the sales floor of several outerwear stores and fashion boutiques. Of course, Mink is, and will continue to be the ever lasting number one seller, but there is something that is relatively new and growing rapidly, Rex Fur. Rex fur has for a long time been the accessory fur of choice for a number of years. Especially with scarves and headbands and its predominantly knitted together. But what is it and why is it growing in popularity?

Rex is crossbreed between a Chinchilla and a rabbit. The benefit of combining both animals has given the fur industry a much-needed boost. Here are the reasons why:

1. The chinchilla gives the rex an extremely soft feel, hence why people like to wear it near their face and neck. Plus the chinchilla has the benefit of being more durable than rabbit, so it keeps its beauty for a long time.

2. The benefits of the rabbit is that rex can reproduce very quickly, making the supply always available. In addition, Rex is also farmed raised and consumed for human consumption. This makes it popular with many people who are conscious about where the fur is coming from.

3. Rex is relatively inexpensive versus the other traditional furs. For example, a Rex scarf will retail approximately $80 to $150 for a beautiful fur scarf. That kind of price makes it obtainable to a greater number of people.

With its growing popularity, many designers are creating new fashionable outerwear in a number of forms. For example, creative designer Paula Lishman, who is known for her knitted garments, is creating beautiful garments from fur jackets and coats to dresses and pants made out of rex.

One other aspect of rex that is trendy is with reversible jackets and liners. We are seeing more and more fur liners that are completely reversible made out of rex. The liners are popular because of the price and the warmth it provides. These characteristics make sense to the majority consumers.

Source by Dino Karatzios

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