What is Self Talk and the Secrets of Self Talk For Success

What is self talk? Have you ever watched top players talking to themselves during a break in high-tension matches? Be it any sport from boxing to basketball, you would have seen cameras pan in on your heroes in highly animated state talking to no one around but themselves. This is self-talk at the most evident level which is a routine technique adopted by top athletes and performers to keep them in a state of heightened performance and motivation.

Internal dialogue: We all have an internal dialogue going on inside our heads. While you are getting ready, going to work, sitting at a dinner and almost at any other time, there is a conversation going on inside your mind between you and your Inner Self. Sometimes, in moments of aloneness, we tend to notice this dialogue more. When we are busy, we are able to completely ignore this conversation. We have the innate abilities to notice it or not at different times.

Motivational tool: Self-talk is a great motivational tool. It can help boost your confidence, keep you pepped up and become a go-getter. With special training or use of subliminal self-hypnosis CDs, you can use this self-talk to help you perform at an optimum level before an important event. Modern management strategists suggest using self-talk to gear up before an interview or business meeting.

Image-building: Often, our self image deteriorates because of criticism and quips we get to hear from people around us. We tend to base our self image on other people's parameters even if we don't wish to. You can use self-talk, with proper training, to build a positive self-image. This, in turn, will help you perform your best at any professional event. It will give you energy to take on challenges and meet goals.

Utilizing self-talk correctly can help you enhance your personality, give you confidence and set you apart in a crowd. You will be amazed at your own success with positive self-talk.

Source by Trevor Johnson

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