What Sex Transmutation Is and How It Can Make You Rich

The urge for sex is the most powerful of all human desires. This desire can be so great that it brings out a persons keenness of imagination, persistence, will power, and creativity in an instant. Some people are even willing to trade their life’s worth and reputation just to go for it. Sex is a motivation. And when it is used properly, it can bring you riches you never imagined.

Transmutation literally means to change or to transfer an element or energy from one into another. Sex transmutation is the process of taking the mind away from the ideas of physical expression and into thoughts of entirely different nature.

You can harness your sexual desires and express them into something more productive – something that can gain you wealth and satisfaction. Direct your sex desire towards literature, music, and the arts. See how much you can thrive in that field for as long as you are motivated.

A lot of people have done it. And you can do it too. Master the ability to transmute sex desire into making you filthy rich. All you need is the right amount of will power. Everybody has the innate need to express themselves in a sexual way. That’s crude human nature. But if you are prepared to provide the right outlet for it other than physical, then energy is not wasted at all. Instead, it is transformed into insurmountable riches.

If you fail to express your sexual desire in a different channel, it will just be put across physically or becomes negative energy. And if relayed physically, it won’t acquire any pertinent value at all. But if it is conveyed creatively and imaginatively, then you have just lifted your status to a level higher than the human tendency. You have become a genius in your own worth.

The people who became rich in the arts, architecture, and any industry for that matter have all been motivated by the image of a woman or man and the desire for them sometime or another. Riches and fame suddenly became easy for them to achieve. Actually, it might just have been their reward for mastering the technique of controlling human sexual passion into avenues more prolific and far more abundant – like that particular field they have excelled on.

A sex desire is coupled with an emotion that is synonymous to an irresistible force and a creative ability. If the proper way to do it is carried on, this emotion can drive people into a passionate action for their craft. This is the very principle of sex transmutation repeatedly explained.

A sexual desire can stimulate the mind. It can bring the creativity out in a man or a women. It can make them do plentiful things and positive things for themselves and there craft – something that could take them to the level of supreme intelligence – the kind of intelligence that brings wealth, fame, and satisfaction.

The Power is within you.

Source by Scott Mackay

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