What Should I Eat During My Ovulation Days to Get Pregnant With a Boy Or Girl? I’ll Tell You

The other day, I received an email from a woman who was trying to get pregnant and was looking at a few things that she was going to try to be successful with this.  Mainly, she was working on timing intercourse to coincide with ovulation.  But, she had also heard that certain foods can help or hurt the process and can sometimes affect baby gender. She was looking for more specifics as to which foods help with pregnancy and are best for each gender.  I’ll share some of the advice I gave her in the following article.

Foods To Help You In Getting Pregnant: I have to tell you that most times that I write about this topic, I focus on foods and the genders that they help produce (which I will get to later) but I can tell you that generally, woman who have fertility issues or health concerns (like PCOS) are told to focus on making sure that they are not insulin resistant when they are trying to conceive.  The recommendations are things like getting your fats from mono saturated sources like olive oils rather than processed trans fats and to consume more fruits and vegetables and less animal protein.  You’re supposed to steer clear of processed and convenience foods and use dairy in moderation.  Of course, this advice is for folks who know that they have ovulation and / or fertility issues or those that don’t care which gender they end up with. Now, I’ll talk about the foods that can help if you know whether you want a boy or a girl baby.

Foods That Help You To Get Pregnant With A Girl Baby:  If you’re wanting a girl, then you want for your body to have a high PH (or to be acidic) because this state is not as friendly to boy or Y sperm.  There are certain foods that help with this and others that hinder you from reaching this goal.  You’re going for the high PH foods here, but you’ll only need to do this until little PH testers show that you’ve reached optimal levels.  Of course, each month that you aren’t pregnant, you’ll want to continue to check and then to tweak your diet as necessary to raise it again if needed.

In general though, you’re advised to eat a lot of low fat / high calcium dairy products and lean protein.  Both of these are high in PH.  You’ll also want to include fruits and vegetables to make sure that you are getting enough nutrients, but these have to be acidic fruits and vegetables. (Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline so you will have to tread lightly here.)  Examples are corn, watermelon, potatoes, and blueberries, plums, etc.  This is just a general guide. There are food lists that are pretty exhaustive and I really recommend using the PH strips after consuming foods that you are uncertain about because this will tell you exactly how these foods are metabolized in your body.

Foods That Will Make It More Likely That You’ll Conceive A Boy Baby: So if a boy is your goal, then you will want to go the opposite way.  You’re trying to make yourself alkaline and you want a low PH rather than a high one. This is a very necessary step because as I alluded to before, a high PH is going to deteriorate Y or boy producing sperm much faster.  So at least for a little while, you’re going to want to avoid that dairy and meat protein that I told you was good for getting pregnant with a girl. The focus on conceiving a son is more geared toward fruits and vegetables, except for those that are acidic (corn, cranberries, plums, and those examples mentioned above.)

You’re often told to eat bananas. This is because it’s said that you need potassium to get a son.  (Magnesium doesn’t hurt either.) The truth is, you also need sodium with these things and bananas aren’t all that high in this. So there are better options, like apricots and raisins to name just a few.  Again, there are food lists that tell you which are better for getting pregnant with a girl or a boy.

Are These Foods For Only Around Ovulation Time?: The person who wrote to me asked the question in terms of around ovulation.  In truth, you want to be trying to get pregnant before ovulation if you want a daughter and on the day of or after if you want a boy.  And, you really do not want to wait until you approach ovulation to start worrying about your PH. Depending on how high or low you are or where you want to be, you want to give yourself enough time to use the diet or douching so that you won’t need to rush yourself (or settle for less than optimal levels) when the time comes.

Source by Sandy Dean

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