What’s With the Tie?

Neckties are staple accessories for every man who works in the office. That is a fact. Another interesting fact is that with the millions of necktie wearer, majority of them do not have any idea whose tie is better than the other. Men wear neckties for like a third of their entire life, yet very few actually know the value of the neckties that they wear. Of course, if you are a necktie wearer it always pays to know what goes into one necktie and how you can say that your tie is actually better than the other. If you are going to purchase neckties as investments and not merely as a fashion choice, then you will definitely end up with neckties that last longer and are way better than your counterparts.

Necktie Fabric

If you will take some time to read fashion reviews that feature neckties, you will notice that they always begin by describing the fabric from which the necktie was made of. The material that is used in each necktie significantly determines the exterior of the tie and is doubly essential as it determines how your necktie will play when worn with the rest of your outfit. For obvious reasons, a cheap necktie made from cheap fabric will also make your wardrobe look cheap.

Just like T-shirts and other commonplace garments in men’s fashion, polyester is by far the most common fabric used in neckties. These polyester ties are ideal for one-time use or for those who have limited budget. If you want to go grandiose and achieve a standard status for neckties, then you need to purchase silk ties which are worn by men who are pretty serious about their neckwear. If you plan to use the necktie for a considerable amount of time, then buy a silk tie as it is more durable and it has all the style points that a classic fabric can give.

So if you want to be on top of the necktie hierarchy, ask the sales clerk the seven fold tie. This particular tie is given the name because the silk is folded seven times by an expert craftsman to create a classic and elegant tie. Silk can cost a lot, with $100 dollars for a yard, so don’t expect that the seven fold tie will come cheap. If you are not bound to spending big bucks for a linear piece of cloth, then go for neckties made of a blend of polyester and silk.

Neckties are available in a wide variety of material, style, design and color. This fact simply implies that there is no excuse for wearing a bad tie when you go to work especially when attending formal functions or occasions. People have stopped shopping for neckties based on their brand or retailer. Some have become more practical with their choices and opted for generic neckties but are made from more quality materials. All you have to do is pick out the good neckties yourself so that you can always get your money’s worth whenever you make a purchase.

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