Where’s Your Motivation?

The world needs more powerhouse sellers.

I’ve known several true powersellers in my life, including: Mark Boyd of Insource Safety (http://www.insourcesafety.com) and Clay Andrews of National Linen Service (http://www.nationallinen.com).

You are a powerhouse if, when others hear your name, they think immediately such words and phrases as, “dynamic,” “doesn’t quit,” “she just gets it,” or “on the ball.” You are a powerhouse if, when others go home after a so-called long day that included a one-hour lunch with co-workers, you’re preparing for tomorrow. You are a powerhouse if, instead of wasting time chit-chatting, you’re visiting customers and prospects.

You are a powerhouse if, your first appointment each day is before 8:00 a.m., and your last is after 4:30 p.m. You are a powerhouse if you are all over any low-hanging fruit in your sales territory, as well as self-generated leads. While others complain about the marketing department or pricing, you, as a powerhouse, are making your own way, succeeding from will and talent.

All motivation comes from within. But being a powerhouse means that your drive, energy and desire are not only generated from within, they can be conjured up with no notice. At any time, you can summon the necessary courage, energy, endurance, or even skill, to overcome any obstacle or go beyond any goal. While others perform in spurts, you get results consistently. Better results.

As a powerhouse, you know you will succeed. You know you’re the one others can count on. You know you’re the best at what you do.

Now, don’t confuse this with pure ego or bravado. With those sales representatives, customers are jammed with products and services they really don’t want or need, but instead are overcome by intimidation or pressure. We all know ego sellers. Ego sellers love themselves to death. And we’re not talking about workaholics. Those can be found in every line of work, and they’re known not by the quality of work they do, but the hours they tell people they put in. Powerhouses love selling and they love their customers, and they think they, themselves, are okay. They’re balanced and focused on whatever they’re working on. And their families are proud of them.

With powerhouse sellers, their ability to see the basic, streamlined value in their offer, their ability to uncover opportunities for improvement with customers and prospects, and their ability to cause decisions to be made — all of this in a employer-friendly timeline — catapult them to the top 1% in their industries. They are business builders. You could start from ground zero with a powerhouse.

So, are you a powerhouse seller?

If you think you are, you aren’t. Becoming a powerhouse seller doesn’t happen over night. As Seth Godin has said, “No one just wakes up one morning and becomes driven. You need to take it a little at a time.”

Start scheduling your appointments in a way that keeps you at it longer each day. Schedule more appointments each day, and closer together. Start preparing more for sales appointments the night before, or earlier. Streamline your value proposition. Perfect the questions you need to be asking, but have put off memorizing. Nail your presentations. Ask directly for prospects’ business. Talk to yourself. Tell yourself you are a successful, powerhouse seller. Believe it.

You can be. You can get there. It starts with wanting it, and knowing what it will take to get there. Good luck as you do so.

Source by Brandon Hull

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