Which Health Drinks Taste Good And Are Better For You Than Sodas, Vitamin Waters, And Energy Drinks?

We know people don’t drink sodas because they are a health drink. They drink them because they taste good, they’re bubbly and they lift your spirits for a moment. That is, until the sugar and caffeine crash hits you. With high caffeine energy drinks and sugary vitamin waters, the mood bounce is just as bad, if not worse, as your body tries to adjust to the disastrous combination of sugar and caffeine in dangerously high doses. Why are so many people consuming these very unhealthy drinks?

  • They taste good
  • They provide a temporary mood boost
  • They are relatively inexpensive compared to quality health drinks

What if you could find a health drink that actually tastes good, fills the body with vital nutrients, gives you a mood boost, and costs about the same as one of those sugary vitamin water drinks? Would you be willing to try a health drink that doesn’t contain sugar and caffeine, but is loaded with concentrated nutrients from fruits and herbs? What if you knew that these concentrated health drinks were supplying your body with living enzymes, natural antioxidants, complex carbs and phytonutrients from plants? Does that make you at least reconsider your consumption of carbonated caffeine and sugar?

There are many other reasons to consume natural, low carb health drinks instead of sodas, sugary vitamin waters or caffeine boosted energy drinks.

  • Sugar wreaks havoc on the body.
  1. Excess sugar contributes to obesity.
  2. Sugar suppresses the immune system.
  3. Too much sugar can upset the body’s mineral balance.
  4. An overload of sugar contributes to arthritis.
  5. Over consumption of sugar speeds the aging process.
  6. All that sugar in soft drinks, energy drinks, and in vitamin waters causes your pancreas to produce excess insulin, which leads to an energy crash.
  • Your overall fitness level increases with natural, low carb health drinks. All those soft drinks and high caffeine energy drinks are very acidic, which contributes to a pH imbalance. The body needs a ratio of 80% alkaline foods and drinks to only 20% acidic foods for proper pH balance. An improper ratio of too many acidic foods and beverages causes the body to break down faster as it pulls calcium from bones in order to maintain the right pH balance. Natural health drinks on the other hand are, more often than not, alkaline by nature.
  • Vitamin waters, soft drinks and energy drinks actually deprive the body of some of the health benefits of drinking water. All the phosphates, sugar, caffeine and artificial ingredients take more water to process than they replace. When the body does not take in enough water and vital nutrients then you experience cellular dehydration, which in turn leads to numerous health challenges.
  • So, people who are guzzling soft drinks, caffeinated energy drinks and sugary vitamin waters are actually walking around dehydrated. On the other hand, people who are consuming natural health drinks that contain live nutrients from whole foods such as fruits and herbs are enjoying the many health benefits of drinking water plus the numerous benefits of consuming phytonutrients in their water. When you realize that it is a good idea to be more selective in your beverage choices then you have to ask yourself, “Where do I find these health drinks that taste good and offer so many benefits?”

    Search the Internet for natural low carb health drinks and you will find very affordable powder formulas that you simply mix with water. These whole food health drink concentrates are made without sugar, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, or isolated vitamins and minerals. Instead, they are made with real fruit and herbs that are known for their hydrating and fat flushing properties. Some of the natural low carb health drinks taste better than any of those artificial vitamin waters and you can drink them in natural flavors of peach, lemon, raspberry, cinnamon and even green tea. With the right health drinks your body not only receives the benefits of drinking water, but also the many health benefits of live, whole food nutrients from real ingredients like peaches, raspberries, lemons and cinnamon.

    As you come to understand the differences between live, whole food nutrients and artificially enhanced vitamin waters, sodas or energy drinks boosted with caffeine you make better choices. Your body starts to find its own natural balance and digestion improves, you get fewer mood swings, less stiffness in your joints, more energy and an overall improvement in mood. You feel better about yourself when you replace your overly processed, sugary, caffeine enhanced beverages with health drinks that are truly healthy.

    Source by Cliff Smith

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