Whereas pandemic deaths soar, Mike Pence is on an prolonged ski trip


Thankfully, Pence is not going to significantly be missed. His major pandemic job drive responsibility seems to have been decreasing media entry to authorities illness consultants who had been upsetting Trump’s delusional claims with far grimmer details; provided that Dr. Anthony Fauci is on television warning of those grim facts today, it appears Pence is phoning in even his duties as White Home Truth Inhibitor.

Of particular word, nonetheless, is that Pence evidently plans to remain on trip and out of his Washington workplace by New Yr’s. He’ll pop again sooner or later after that to awkwardly chair the joint session of Congress that can settle for the votes of the Electoral Faculty, formally confirming Joe Biden’s presidential victory. He’ll then on the identical day bolt off to Europe and the Center East for one final government-funded tour.

In different phrases, Pence appears to be fairly intent on not being in Washington for any extra days than he has to, between now and Biden’s inauguration on January 20. As Pricey Chief rants, rages and threatens to shutdown authorities in a single final pointless tantrum, Mike Pence can be in hiding. As Pricey Chief consults with the nation’s least competent attorneys as as to whether or not he can name out the precise navy to have voting redone in states he misplaced, Mike Pence can be in hiding.

Good. Lastly, we have discovered one thing he is good at.

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