Who Is the Woman Behind Jane Norman Clothing?

The success of Jane Norman clothing is something of an enigma in that the company claims to not even have a Public Relations or Marketing department. There may be some truth in this as you see a Jane Norman dress being worn around town but you don't see the designer name plastered all over billboards or magazine.

So who is the enigmatic Jane Norman? Well, there isn't actually a person by that name. The name was created by Norman Freed in the 1950's when he combined his Christian name with that of his mother's to launch his first fashion boutique.

Many people are surprised to learn that this designer brand has been in existence for nearly sixty years and it is testimony to the company's eye for fashion that they continue to create clothes that are considered stylish and chic women and girls of today.

The company's focus is on bringing catwalk adaptations to the masses at prices they can afford and this has proven to be the template for it's success over the years.

The company was sold by Freed a few years ago and is now in the hands of Baugur, who also own Karen Millen, House of Fraser and Oasis. There are now well over approximately 170 stores in the UK with the company continuing to hold it's own in a very competitive market. This statistic is even more remarkable in that there were only around 10 stores in 1995!

The brand is continuing to expand with new stores opening in Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

Source by Marek Kamella

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