Who Really Decides What Fashion We Wear?

Not only what is on the catwalk but what is on the front row is often discussed during fashion week. The fashion royalty are often sat on the front row, people such as magazine editors, buyers, industry insiders and fashion bloggers are often there to take notes and observe.

It is these people who are the real fashion trend setters, what they like in a show is what will feature in the magazines, be bought by the shops and blogged about endlessly.

Some of the most popular trends recently appreciated by the fashion royalty are:


The most popular example of the satchel has to be the now infamous Mulberry Alexa bag, named after Alexa Chung who made the bag become popular by endlessly wearing it during fashion week.

The Nautical Theme

This theme has been adopted by all the major high street stores and seems set to stay for some time. The nautical theme often recurs, Paris Hilton wore a primp nautical anchor themed top years ago.

Shoulder pad style tops and dresses

Thrown back from the eighties the emphasis of the shoulders in tops and dresses has had a rebirth this year.

Future Warrior

The future warrior style has been particularly popular this spring with designers such as Sass and Bide drawing on metal detail on clothing and leather.

See through / Sheer clothing

See through and sheer fabrics have become very popular since late 2009 and now the high street seem to be offering lots of dresses and tops made in fabrics like this. Only for the brave this style leaves little to the imagination.

It is important to try different trends but always think back to the question of what you are comfortable in and what will make the most of your figure. There is little point reaching for sky scraper heels if you cannot actually walk in them. Sometimes it is a good idea to implement a trend using accessories at first.

Source by Clare Louise Westwood

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