Wholesale Bangles – Adorning Women’s Wrists

Bangles are the indispensable accessories that adorn the tender wrists of women. Bangles have immense hidden power; they can create magic. With bangles the hands can speak the unspoken words, can sing lilting notes and can dance like a fountain. Bangles can add such exuberance, grace and versatility to the female hands. Dressing remains incomplete without these hand ornaments. Fashionable women never forget to beautify their hands with beautiful bangles. Hence bangles have retained their popularity as one of the essential and integral accessories of women. Wholesale bangles of incredible array of colors, designs, shapes and sizes are making a profitable market nowadays. Though there has been a shift in trends in designs in accordance with the modern styles and tastes but the modern women are more passionate about their bangles than their mothers and grandmothers.

Gold and silver bangles are the traditional favorites. Among the wholesale bangles in gold and silver “Choories” or circular wrist bangles are very popular. They are worn in a number of four to six in each hand. They have exquisite golden or silver inlays crafted on them. The bangles also come with various semi-precious stones like diamonds and rubies stud on them. What can be more beautiful than a pair of hands embellished with dazzling diamond bangles?

Various fashion bangles have also made in with the modern styles and fashions. These kind of chunky wholesale bangles can be teamed up with designer and casual wear. Moreover women prefer them for their less expensive prices, great variety and impossibility of theft. Sleek and trendy look are the latest style statement. The wholesale bangles are also being made in keeping with the latest craze. Metal bangles with alloy of copper and silver and oxidized bangles are ideal fashion accessories. Wooden and terracotta bangles lend an ethnic appeal and sophistry making the new-age woman stylish and smart never before. Worth mentioning are the gorgeous multi-colored Lac bangles with mirror embedded tapestries in them.

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Source by Rajneesh Dubey

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