Why All The Fuss About UGG Boots?

UGG boots, commonly referred to as “Uggs”, have exploded in popularity in recent years. Originally created in Australia and New Zealand, UGG boots can be worn not just by women but by men and children as well. They are made from twin-faced sheepskin, which means the fleece is on the inside of the boot to provide warmth for your feet and the outer side of the sheepskin is tanned and becomes the outside of the boot. They have become such a fashion statement in recent years that they are now available in a plethora of styles and colors and can be worn with practically any outfit, even in the spring and summertime, especially in Southern California.

The popularity of UGG boots comes from the comfortable nature of the sheepskin they are made from. Sheepskin is soft and warm and perfectly adapted to use in cold weather footwear. The fleece keeps your feet warm and wicks away moisture, allowing your feet to breathe and preventing sweating too much. This moisture wicking also is responsible for keeping feet cool in the summertime and can help prevent conditions such as athletes foot from occurring from the result of excess moisture.

While UGG boots are famous for their comfort and style, many people aren’t aware that they actually provide health benefits, too. For example, research has shown that cold temperatures can lead to an increase in blood pressure. This is because the human body restricts the flow of blood in order to maintain body temperature and keep the body warmer. By wearing sheepskin footwear such as UGG boots, you can keep the body warmer and decrease your blood pressure by allowing your circulatory system to take a break. This explains their popularity with diabetics. Sheepskin is also a great choice for those who with sensitive skin, as it is known to help in the natural healing process of inflamed skin conditions.

When it comes to footwear fashion, you want a combination of comfort, design and health benefits to keep your feet happy. Add to that a wide selection of styles and colors to choose from and you’ll soon agree that UGG boots are the perfect footwear choice this winter. While not inexpensive, after you put on your first pair you’ll agree that they are worth the money especially when you realize year after year you’re still wearing the same pair. Experience for yourself all the benefits of UGG boots and sheepskin, you’ll be wondering why you waited!

Source by Victor Cantore

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