Why Are Good Communication Skills Important?

In the course of one's lifetime there are many opportunities to communicate with others. Whether it is socially, academically or professionally proper communication skills are a necessary and essential commodity. If one has honed oral communication skills they can feel just as confident talking in a dyadic situation as they would feel speaking in front of a large group.

Social communication seems to happen more "naturally". Much informality that wouldn't be accepted in other surroundings is usually accepted when communicating socially. Whether it is a one-on-one exchange or a group discussion, social communication is by far the more relaxed form of verbal communication.

Next, academic communication is important to anyone that is currently, or soon will be, entering the realm of academia. Using the proper skills to convey your exact message and meaning to professors and other students is a way to help ensure your overall academic success. Good oral communication skills also help in study groups and with other faculty where it might also be greatly beneficial to have.

Lastly, in any professional situation a person is faced with, sooner or later, they will need to so some form of public speaking. Whether it is at the board room meetings, with clients, or with other executives it is essential to have honed communication skills for the workforce to cement yourself in your career comfortably.

In conclusion, there are many times when honed oral communication skills can, and will, be useful. Three such instances are socially, academically, and professionally. Developing good skills today will ensure proper communication techniques tomorrow.

Written by Dominic Sobieralski

Source by Dominic Sobieralski

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