Why Can’t I Get A Girlfriend? 3 Reasons Girls Are Avoiding You

So if you are one of the thousands of guys that are asking the question why can’t I get a girlfriend, go through each of the reasons below and be honest with yourself…

1. You Do Not Meet Basic Attractiveness Levels

Girls care about looks.

But luckily for us, not as much as we do…

There are some simple guidelines that each of us have to follow to make sure that we are not being disqualified as potential boyfriends due to our appearance.

  • Don’t be fat

Thinking logically, what does being fat show a potential girlfriend girl?

It shows that you over consume (see reason 2) and that if we were back on the plains of Africa (the time that a woman’s genes have evolved to define attractiveness), what is the likelihood that you would be able to provide for her and her children?

The solution is simple: develop better habits, learn about nutrition and start to enjoy exercise.

  • Wear good clothes

Now this one is harder to justify from an evolutionary stand point so I won’t try, you will just have to trust me, girls like guys that have some idea of fashion.

Read some fashion blogs and then head to eBay to buy some skinny jeans.

  • Be well groomed

If you are not well groomed this suggest to the girl that you are unable to care for yourself, let alone her and her children?

So, take a shave, go to a barbers for a fresh cut and brush your teeth.

2. You Take Value

Are you creating or consuming?

Are you looking for a girlfriend because it will make you feel better in your sad and lonely life?

If so, I don’t blame you.

It could be argued that mainstream society benefits from a consumer culture. Take more value than you provide and you will be happy.

However, if you want to turn the table and can finally realise where true happiness comes from you will start providing value.

And when you do, you will find that girls will start to congregate around you as opposed to avoid you.

3. You Chase

Did you ever play kiss chase when you were younger?

Yes, girls love chasing boys. They may not admit this but they do, they fantasize about it.

If you start chasing that perfect girl, you will be playing her role, the role of the feminine.

Now assuming that you are innately attracted to feminine energy (most straight guys are), the girl you will be chasing will be repelled by your actions.

Take a step back, assume the role of the man and allow her to do what she loves to do: kiss chase.

I hope you have now internalised the three reasons that answer the question “why can’t I get a girlfriend” and have been honest with yourself as to whether they currently apply to you, and if they do, get to work…

Source by Dave Andrew Smith

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