Why Do Women Lose Interest in a Man?

Has she been giving you the cold shoulder lately? Do you feel like she wants to break up and leave you for someone else? Why do women lose interest in a man? If these questions are raging in your head right now, then you are probably wondering what you did (or what you are still doing) wrong. If you really want to salvage your relationship, see if any of these "top reasons why women lose" interest applies to your case, and then work your way towards fixing it.

  1. Boredom. When a relationship is new, it's hard to keep a woman's hands off you. She still constantly thinks about you all day, and she probably fantasizes about you when you're not together. That's because early in the relationship, she's still exploring you and your body, and everything is new and exciting. As time passes, the formerly thrilling highlights of your day become yawn-inducing scheduled things – from dates to sex to when to pick up the dry cleaning. If your relationship has fallen into one boring giant routine, it's time to consciously pull it out of that rut and get her interested again.
  2. You let yourself go. While women are not as visual as men are, they still appreciate a good-looking guy. If you are too comfortable in the relationship and you start becoming unhealthy (gaining weight, not getting a haircut, not showering enough), then she will eventually lose interest. Put some effort into your looks and your grooming if you really want to make her interested in you again.
  3. Unresolved issues. Perhaps you cheated on her? Perhaps you had a big argument a few months back and you haven't completely settled it? Unresolved issues can really nag a woman's brain, causing her to be indifferent, or worse, causing her to totally tune you out. Ask if something is bothering her, and then resolve that issue if you really want her attention back.

Source by Cindy Morse

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