Why Is Spiderman 3 Such A Disappointment

Spider Man 3 features your friendly neighborhood web slinger, played by Toby McGuire in the third installment of the Spider Man series. This time Spider man inherits a new suit; this one is black as opposed to his regular red and blue suit in the previous two movies. The black suit makes Spider man faster, stronger and a tougher opponent for his enemies. Sounds good, huh?

But hang on the material of the new suit is really an alien parasite that is trying to attach itself to Peter Parkers body permanently! The black suit also has a serious side effect in that it brings out the dark side of both Peter Parker and Spider man’s nature. Both Peter and Spider man become way more aggressive because of the influence of the black suit and suddenly it becomes hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys in this picture.

To complicate things Spider man must battle a new villain, the Sandman, get rid of the black suit, battle his best friend turned super villain and still rescue a crumbling relationship with his girlfriend!! Enough to make a movie huh?

More than enough actually, first off Spider man 3 is long, almost three hours from previews to credits! Overall the movie does not live up to its potential. The reason for the disappointment is because the main thrust behind the Spider man comic on which the movies are based is the adventures of Spider man versus a myriad of super powered miscreants, not necessarily the life and times of Peter Parker. And this is where the movie goes flat, had the director simply made an action movie of Spider man battling and eventually beating the bad guys then Spider man 3 would have been a much better and shorter movie.

But the storyline follows too much of the drama of the life of Peter Parker, who is a C + type of guy, with a girlfriend and a part time job as a photographer. So who would you rather watch a movie about, Spider man a web slinging superhero or Peter Parker, part time newspaper photographer?

The movie does have its points though, the special effects and computer graphics are phenomenal and the action scenes are just that, filled with action. But the movie needs to focus on Spider man and not his alter ego.

So is the movie better than Spider man 2, no way, that movie was perfect and is really what Spider man is about. But the kids will enjoy this movie because it is Spider man after all, but they won’t ask to see the movie twice for sure. Overall the movie gets two and a half stars. A tighter more concise plot would have made for a four star movie at least, but maybe we will get that next time.

Source by Owen Stanley

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